REVIEW | Anastasia dip brow pomade


Since I saw a flawless picture from a girl with flawless eyebrows I needed to know what she uses for her brows. And as everyone knows it’s been a trend for a while now. I couldn’t stay behind and bought the Anastasia dip brow pomade in the color dark brown. together with the Gimme brow from Benefit.

The first time I applied it on my brows it looks absolutely awful haha. You definitely need to practice it. After a while it gets easier. I use the MAC pencil brush 263 and I do recommend this one because it is precisely and delicately. IMG_5807

So this is the little pot from the in and outside. It is small, but you can do a very long time with it because you have to use just a super small amount of product.



                                 MAC pencil brush 263



IMG_0174IMG_0179And this is the finished look. I do like it, but maybe it is a little bit harsh for you. There are a lot of lighter color or darker of course if that is what suits you.  I bought it at Douglas. For the Dutchies: Hij kost 30 euro en dat is dit potje zeker waard omdat je er erg lang mee doet!

If you are searching for a good product for your brows I definitely recommend this!


Fall fashion Wish-list




Hii everyone! How are you?

I think literally every girl has a fashion or just a wish list all the time.. It is quite tiring to always have something you want, always. Now the fall has arrived it is time for some new stuff in are wardrobes. I’d like to share my wish list with you guys

  1. A poncho is something that goes with almost everything. You can just trow it over a shirt with long sleeves and combine it with heels and you are ready to go!
  2. Thigh high boots. I think it is almost not possible that you haven’t seen them pass by on Instagram. You can definitely call it a new trend in the fashion world right now!
  3. A cute little black dress is always good. Combine it with the thigh high boots!
  4. Gloves are so classy. When it gets colder you need to take care of your hands. Gloves are a good outcome they keep your hands warm and soft.
  5. “Excerise? i thought you said extra fries” This is so me haha. I love fries way more than sweating my ass of in the gym, but that is not always possible so maybe it is a good reason to wear a shirt that’s saying how much I actually hate the gym… But you can def wear it if you like the gym and french fries haha:)
  6. Holes in your jeans is a big trend too. I think there is nothing wrong with holes only are grandparents doesn’t agree to that hihi. You can get the skinny jeans variant or the boyfriend one. I like them both very much.
  7. You never ever have enough black booties. Never. The heel of this ankle boots are quite low so you can walk in them all day, good for shopping or school or something.
  8. Turtleneck tops are back!! I want to get them in grey, khaki and bordeaux red. I already have a black one.
  9. Another pair of black booties. I just love them so much.. These ones are from Sacha and are real leather. They are just pretty. And i do not have another pair of real leather ankle boots yet.
  10. This coat is very pretty khaki green. I was searching one for ages, but never found one. Well here it is, but unfortunately it is an expensieve one.
  11. Maybe I need to get it in another color because of my skin tone because brown on brown does not really work together, but hey maybe it does suit me. I should try it on one time. I love this kind of skirts. I think they are really cute with like a turtle neck top and thigh high boots.
  12. Teddy coat. I really like this kind of coats, but they make you a fat girl real fast. nevertheless It is fashionable and I want to get one.

I hope you liked my wish list! I love to know what other people have on their wish list so let me know in the comments!


My bit of sharing #1

Nowadays everyone is sharing there life trough there blogs. I like that because I think that the most people love to take a look in somebody else’s life. I’m not fuss about that and actually like to share my world like it’s a small diary. So from now I will share that little diary every monday with you. Nobody does every week or day special things. So sometimes it will be less interesting than other times. But of course I hope that I do nice things and share them :)

IMG_0022    Yumm fish from a local foodtruck in Rotterdam

Bekijk bericht


MAC Whirl lipliner

  Mac whirl lipliner

MAC Whirl lipliner

Are you a MAC fan too?

I’ve heard so much about the MAC lipliners as for example Soar. I think everyone knows Soar. That’s because of Kylie Jenner. So I saw this liner Whirl and thought: “I’m gonna get it”. But it was sold out. Also Spice, Cream o Spice, Soar were totally sold out.  A few days later it was in stock so I’ve bought it directly. I did not even know if it would suit me. But i don’t like to try it out at the store.. So it is a guess if it suits me well. And if it don’t suit me. Well then it is unfortunate. The color is very different from what I normally wear. It also depends on your skin tone. What lipstick or lipliner looks good on you, For me it’s a bit of a nude color with a pink undertone. I like the color just a little better when you have a lighter skin tone to be honest because the color comes more into its own, but if you’re darker the more nude. And I actually do like that too!

Once it came it i needed to try it out of course haha.  This is what it looks like:



Do you have MAC lipliners too? If yes, which one do you like the most? 


Why we should all love Fall


Why we should all love Fall


Very dark lipsticks and eye-looks. There is nothing more awesome than dark make-up (in my opinion). Think of MAC Diva, Sin, Media… Aaw amazing. I think it really looks a bit mysterious. I like mysterious things maybe because i’m a Scorpio. A fall child haha.

Drinks and food

Do I need to say more? Hot chocolate, big cups of tea, stew, soup. Don’t forget the dinners with Christmas or one of the other holidays. There is so much food. We think of our belly’s later. Now it’s time to fully enjoy and survive these times of cold weather.


YAY Cinnamon candles or vanilla are the scent of fall and winter.


You can clean your closet or house because the weather isn’t that nice to us. Maybe your closet needs a little fall treatment. Remove all your summer clothes and add all of your sweaters to your collection. A whole day to spend on cleaning the house isn’t even so bad. So you can start your Autumn/Winter with a fresh start!

The color

There’s nothing more beautiful than watching the leaves in your garden change from green to deep red. it’s really pretty… Take a walk trough the wood with your dog ( If you have one haha ) or just by yourself, with a friend or boyfriend. There is nothing better than clearing your mind and have something beautiful in front of you.


Do i need to say more? What I said earlier in ‘The color’ about the tree’s and the leaves. Take photo’s just because you can. Or outfit photo’s in the wood Yes its awesome!

Fall Fashion

Yes yes yes! Fall Fashion is amazing. Pull your winter coat out of the closet because it’s getting colder. Also your boots are completely welcome again! And by boots I mean great over the knee ones or classy booties no uggs or something hihi.


And at last but not least Halloween! I am a Halloween baby… Very scary haha. I don’t really like Halloween, because we do not celebrate it in the Netherlands. Anyway I think it is a great party in America, Great Britain and other countries that celebrates it. But I just wanted to mention it because it’s my bday. I do like pumpkins tho :)

What do you like about the fall? 

Hope you have a nice day!