Khaki trousers are the best trousers |

 Khaki trousers are the best trousers
Well hello!

You know when you have a sale ticket and you just need to buy something?
This time that was my problem. At I saw this khaki trousers. I saw one at Bershka before, but that one did not fit me. So I was looking for another one. Couldn’t find one… Till the day I was surfing trough and my eye felt directly on this one. So I bought it. And now I loveee it!!

And I should not forget that it is already October! My birthday month i’m a Halloween girl haha.
Speaking of Fall. I think this is my favorite month if we are speaking about fashion. The coats in the stores and of course in are closets. The thick sweaters were we can hide our tummy’s under hahah.
I’m going on a family weekend this friday. A lot of party’s this fall month. I’m excited!
What is your month gonna be like?

Jacket – H&M / Top – H&M / Trousers – Zalando / Bag – ZARA / Shoes – River Island /




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khaki trousers



Universal nails Amsterdam

Hello babes,

On August 26th I’ve visited Universal nails Amsterdam for the first time. The last time I had fake nails I was 14 years old. Yes that is almost 5 years ago. I just needed to know how the famous solar nails were. So I went to Amsterdam it is a journey of two hours from Vlaardingen where I live. So my boyfriend Rick and I jumped on the train and went to Bataviastad /city first that is a big outlet in Lelystad. After Rick shopped 2 pair of jeans we went to Amsterdam. We had to search for a while it was very hard to find and that’s stupid because it is pink all over the place haha. When we found the store I saw that it was very very busy inside and asked the girl behind the counter how long it would take. “Half an hour” she said and we thought okay, but after 1,5 hours I was still waiting…

I’m happy with the result, but the next time I will definitely make an appointment :)IMG_0069


Shellac is a new think in nails-world it’s a nail polish that lasts 2 to 3 weeks!! I didn’t know if I had to believe this and wanted to try it out. And believe it or not it works! The color stayed on for 2 weeks and it’s still there in the 4th week, but now they’ve grown out and it doesn’t look nice anymore because of the white edges. I chose for a bright red color because that is who I am. After 2 weeks I paint them black myself and liked it for another week. Now in the 4th week I need to get them done, but you know my salary is not there yet haha. It costs 40 euros for a new set of Solar nails and for Shellac 15 euros.





New start, new blog

New start, new blog

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my new blog Bernice is my name and Danique my second name. I’ve blogged for many years before. 3 years exactly. I have loved typing on my blog so much for all that time, but maybe you understand that when you are getting older, you want different things en not get confronted by your blog you started when you was like 14,15 years old. I’ve changed a lot in time and want to start again, this time in English instead of Dutch. I thought about it before but everyone knows English (almost everyone haha).  So it is way better to write in the language almost everyone knows. Also I can express myself better when writing in English.

I will do my youtube video’s in Dutch this is because when I talk I can do it better and a lot faster in Dutch. Maybe i’m going to do English video’s later, but for now just Dutch. But when I do not have to talk in the vid and there is only text this will be in English.


I hope you understand and will have as much fun with reading my blog as I have with writing on it.